The KVN Dance Company uses the art of movement and dance to create original inspiring works that have a unique identity, incorporating a diverse mix of what dance has become today.Whilst most dance companies concentrate on one basic style of technique, the KVN company consists of dancers that have the unique ability to cross all genres of dance. The company incorporates a diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities - using movement as its core - pulling from all genres of dance that can appeal to a wider audience. It is KVN's wish to break down the barriers between one form of dance to another and mix genres of music to bring them together. To incorporate modern, relatable sounds and musicality and turn established entities into new inspiring works. To make music and dance styles more accessible and relatable to a wider audience - in the hope that they will be inspired to revisit the original source and investigate the origins.     

“I’ve watched dance productions for many years in all its forms from large dance companies to small independent, experimental theatre projects and I adore movement and physicality of the human body. The one thing I miss is the luxury of being up close and personal with the energy and power of a performer when they dance in close proximity to you, that you only ever get within a rehearsal studio. This is something I would like to bring to an audience with the KVN Company by making the performances have the possibility to become immersive so that the audience are within the action and energy of the dancers.


My personal dance journey has taken me through all styles and techniques of dance over the years, adapting and learning as it ever evolves. This experience has enabled me to create a unique style of dance that is influenced by all styles I have worked in but is not located in any single discipline, a new and dynamic fusion of dance for the future. I wish to showcase that the KVN company’s innovative style of movement is based on an energy of living breathing storytelling and not just rooted in one form or technique of dance. 


The KVN Company’s wish is to expand its productions in the future to an eclectic mix - each production focusing on a different genre and theme. Experimenting with spaces and movement - to explore new avenues of what can be produced within dance. Reinventing established work as well as producing new work by approaching them in a whole new way to make them more accessible to a different dance audience. I believe that if there is no soul and heart within a production then the dance just becomes steps and steps just become tricks. I wish the audience to leave knowing that they have just witnessed something unique and special within the form of dance and music.”

KVN DANCE COMPANY : Founding Members

Morgan Jean  Quinn               Tom Russell

Kyle Hill                                   Danni Everdale

Micheal Downing                     Liam Duffy

Kelly Ewins                             Joe Mascot

Kathryn Corfield                      Ellis Rose Rother

Ediz Ibrahim                            Jeanie Ryan

Danny Fogerty                        Morgan Beveridge

Tamsin January                       Bethany Rose Harrison

Nathan Colman                       Karl Bowe


Producer/Assistant: Heidi Ashton

Assistant: Tim Stanley

KVN logo & Coppelia Graphic Design: Tim Stanley 

Wardrobe: Wendy Olver

Make up: Liza Macawili Ramos

Music: Rickard Berg

Camera: Nathan Kim & Matt Warnes


Photography: Andrea Whelan 

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